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Barbados Trivia - Did You Know?

That the  Lord Nelson Statue, erected on Bridgetown's Trafalgar Square on 22 Mar 1813, is older than the statue and square of the same name and fame in London?  In April 1999 Trafalgar Square was renamed National Heroes Square  in honour of the national heroes of Barbados?

That the Barbados parliament is the third oldest in the Commonwealth – the only two older are Bermuda and Britain?

That the world’s oldest rum is produced in Barbados under the Mount Gay label?

That South Carolina USA was originally settled by Barbadians and that the first Governor was a Barbadian?

That the only country outside of the USA visited by George Washington 1st President of USA was Barbados? The visit took place in 1751 when Washington was travelling with his brother who was recovering from an illness.

Barbados Activities Morgan Lewis MillThat the last stone windmill still functioning in the Caribbean is the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill and that this mill is from the 18th century and that in 1846, Barbados had 491 active Sugar Plantations and 506 windmills?

That Barbados was the only holiday destination in the world with a scheduled Concorde service that served the island with up to four flights a week in the winter season and that one of the original Concorde planes now resides in Barbados at the Barbados Concorde Experience?



Barbados Activities, Barbados Rum ShopThat rum is an integral part of Bajan life and that there are 1,600 rum shops on the island?  That’s approximately 10 shops per square mile! 

That Barbados is known as the "Land of the Flying Fish"  and that these amazing fish use their pectoral and dorsal fins to “leap” out of the water with the strong tails propelling them at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour! 

That the first synagogue built in the western hemisphere is in Barbados?  The building which dates back to 1654 was built by Jews who came to Barbados from Brazil to work in the sugar industry; it has now been beautifully restored and is once again used by the Jewish community in Barbados.

That the fruit with the highest content of vitamin C in the world is the Barbados cherry and that you only need to eat one cherry for your full day’s requirement?   So eat, enjoy and be healthy.